New Babies

Suryalila Retreat Centre
Life has been a little different at Suryalila since the purchase. More and more I relax into my wonderful life, and I constantly think and dream of all the things I want to do here, to add value to the experience for the guests and for everyone living there.
Yoga Retreat SpainThere are a few minor upgrades we have undertaken lately and some more upgrades planned for this year. We added a bathroom in Ananda upstairs, and, later in the year, after our eco-building team has built several new massage rooms, we will add two double deluxe bedrooms downstairs in Ananda. We are also in the process of building three eco-casas for the camping area.
At some point I really would love to install a hot tub in the olive grove and can see that happening within the next year.
In many ways the permaculture project, now called Danyadara, which means Blessed Earth, is my new baby.  It gives me great joy to walk the grounds and see them transforming and growing and becoming more beautiful.  I love every new baby tree, as if it were my own offspring. We have planted hundreds of trees already and there are many more to come. It’s a big labour of Love. The soil is being regenerated and in time it will be more spongelike to catch water and much more nutritious to feed trees and plants. Watch this video to find out more. 

Yoga in southern spain

The idea behind the project is to demonstrate how it is possible to stop desertification in the south of Spain through proper farming methods. We hope to become an oasis in the area and to educate other farmers in permaculture methods. Our small part in saving the planet.
We are about to launch a crowd funding project to help us fund water harvesting and tree planting.

Zoe with Dasy

We have a brand new baby donkey named Rosie, born to Daisy. She is so gorgeous, soft and fluffy and sweet. Hard to believe that Daisy could fit her inside! Rosie looks exactly like her mum.
Suryalila Retreat Centre

Mary with Dasy and Rosie

A few weeks later Ajna a new baby alpaca joined us. He has a white smudge on his third eye-hence the name. (Ajna is the third eye chakra!) Another baby alpaca is due soon. Manuel also brought us a new pygmy goat we named Nutmeg.
alpaca baby

Ajna and her mum Habbibi

So slowly our little farm of lovely animals is expanding. It is such a joy to share this land with so many beautiful creatures. I am so overjoyed with this creation and feel so blessed, grateful and fortunate to be the steward of Suryalila, which is nothing less than heaven on Earth.

Yoga Retreat in Spain

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